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Broad Axe Wrestling Club at Germantown Academy Opens Doors October 1st

Broad Axe Wrestling Club at Germantown Academy Opens Doors October 1st

Germantown Academy has, for decades, provided opportunities within the sport of wrestling for young people in Southeastern Pennsylvania, primarily through the programming of Maverick Wrestling Club. Starting October 1, 2018 Maverick will no longer exist, and Germantown Academy will be home to a new wrestling club called Broad Axe Wrestling Club.

The club’s co-founders are the club’s owner, Samuel Walters, and Head Wrestling Coach at Germantown Academy, Solomon Fleckman. Walters and Fleckman will be assisted by two-time All-American, Jim Reilly, two-time National Prep runner-up, Tom Iredale, three-time PIAA placewinner, Coach Tim Harner, and former PIAA Champion, Coach Brent Fiorito, among others. This coaching staff will collectively bring over a century’s worth of experience within the sport to the community.

Broad Axe, Pennsylvania is a neighborhood just north of Ft. Washington, which is home to Germantown Academy. Additionally, a broad axe is a large-headed axe used for shaping logs. According to Coach Fleckman, “The Broad Axe Wrestling Club was named as a nod to our locale, as well as a metaphor in that we very much aim to shape young people through the sport of wrestling.”

Coach Walters, who is also the Assistant High School Wrestling Coach at Germantown Academy, has been coaching wrestling ever since his days as a collegiate wrestler at Liberty University where he helped local kids learn more about the sport even while he continued to study and compete. Over the past seven years, Coach Walters has developed into a seasoned coach who connects well with young people and inspires them to maximize their potential.

“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to combine two of my passions–working with young people and wrestling,” said Coach Walters. He further elaborated “With Broad Axe, we have a unique opportunity to bring together talented and thoughtful coaches, wonderful wrestling families, and a fabulous educational institution that predates our country’s founding and has a long tradition of wrestling excellence. I truly believe that together, we will be able to make Broad Axe a go-to destination for young people who are interested in learning about the sport for the first time, as well as for those who see a long-term relationship with wrestling as something that they want to have in their lives.”

Broad Axe will hold its first official practice on Monday, October 1, 2018. In order to learn more about the club, the hours of operation, the classes available, and to purchase a membership, go to broadaxewrestling.com.


About Broad Axe Wrestling Club

Founded in 2018, Broad Axe Wrestling Club, located at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, PA, aims to help young people develop character as they learn the sport of wrestling. To learn more about the club, interested parties can visit https://broadaxewrestling.com/.


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"My son has been working with Sam for the past 8 months, participating in both private sessions and club practices on a weekly basis. As a physical education teacher with coaching experience for over 20 years, I am highly impressed with Sam’s coaching skills as he has certainly exceeded my expectations in the qualities that I look for in a great coach. I notice a tremendous improvement in my son's skill set and skyrocketing self-confidence in his own wrestling skills. My son has developed from a timid young wrestler to a confident athlete that is apparent in all areas of his life, not just on the mat."
"I have been a youth wrestling coach for the past 8 years and also wrestled myself. My son started going to club practice and getting private lessons from some over a year ago. The improvement in my sons wrestling in that time has blown me away. The attention to detail and next level technique sam has exposed him to I believe will take him far in the sport. Most important is the passion and love for the sport Sam translates to my son."
"Without question one of the best technician in the sport! Coach Walters work ethic and dedication has help create passion in my son's life both on and off the mat in the sport of wrestling. He has built a long lasting relationship with deep committee to see my son get better in the sport. The relationship he builds with his wrestlers is a true credit to his character not only as a coach but as a man."
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