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Strengthening Workouts to Benefit Youth Wrestlers

Strengthening Workouts to Benefit Youth Wrestlers

Many youth wrestlers avoid strength training, fearing that gaining muscle could push them into a higher weight class. As the leading local wrestling team in Montgomery County, we know that strengthening workouts can improve athletic performance and health in the majority of young athletes. Several exercises are low impact and will help to improve the strength and condition of any youth athlete:


The plank is a brilliant way to build a stronger core for youth wrestlers. Core strength is a critical requirement in the ring, as a solid core helps to prevent injury, allowing a wrestler to twist their body more efficiently. Planks help to improve the agility in power as a wrestler performs a series of moves. To perform a plank, lie on the floor with your hands and toes touching the ground and your back flat, as if you were about to start a push-up. Instead of dropping into a push-up position, hold the plank for as long as you can. Your abdominal muscles will help you to balance. Every time you attempt the plank position, you should try and hold it for a more extended period.

Jump Squats

Jump squats are an effective bodyweight exercise that can improve the power of a takedown in youth wrestling. To perform a jump squat, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and drop slowly into the squat position. As you get to the bottom of the squat, jump upward as high as you can before taking your form back to the original standing position.

Handstand Push-ups

Youth wrestlers are advised to perform handstand push-ups with a partner. One of the pair should hold onto the other person’s feet as they get into a handstand position. Once in position, the partner should keep holding onto the feet so that the person in the handstand stays stable. The wrestler that is performing the handstand should work hard to keep their core muscles engaged as they perform as many push-ups as possible. Once finished, the partner should help them return to the ground safely.


Pull-overs help wrestlers to improve their upper-body strength. This is vital for wrestlers as they are often reaching over their head to grip their opponents. To perform this exercise, lie on your back on a stability ball with your feet on the floor. Your legs must be bent at a 90-degree angle, and you should hold a dumbbell over your chest. Using straight arms, arc your arms over your body and as far back behind your head as possible. Once complete, return to the starting position.

These are some reasonably low impact exercises that will help youth wrestlers to strengthen and condition as they train for their next match. For more information about our junior wrestling club in Bucks County, contact us today.

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