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Youth Wrestling Tips for Parents

Youth Wrestling Tips for Parents

As some of the top wrestling coaches in Bucks County and the nearby regions, we realize that wrestling can be a tough and challenging sport for all youths involved.

With pressure to compete, win, or lose lying solely on the shoulders of your children, for some, this can be overwhelming. However, youth wrestling helps to build character and confidence in children. These are two key traits that they can use to their advantage in many situations as they grow into young adults.

Do you want to be the best wrestling parent going? Follow the tips below:

Let Kids Motivate Themselves

If your child is always looking to you for approval and motivation during a match, they are not focusing on their wrestling. Although they need guidance to practice at home, they should be motivated to win via a sense of accomplishment as opposed to parental gratification. 

Place Emphasis on Execution Rather Than Results

A wrestling match is an artistic process, with the end goal being long-term success and appreciation of the sport. All wrestlers should be encouraged to focus on their moves, the points that they can score, and giving every match 100%. If they follow these rules, wins will follow.

Help Children Learn From Their Losses

When a child is new to the sport of wrestling, they are likely to lose matches frequently until they gain adequate experience. Try to steer them away from dwelling on a loss by explaining that it is just part of a process.

Encourage them to focus their energy on training and honing their skills to win matches in the future. They cannot change the outcome of a match, but can increase their chances of winning in the future with perseverance and determination.

They Must Also Learn From Their Wins

Confidence is a fantastic feeling. As a parent, you should help to celebrate the accomplishments and remember to congratulate your child when they’ve done a great job. However, it’s essential to teach them to remain humble and look for ways to improve their wrestling for the next match.

Leave the Coaching to the Coaches

Sometimes, we see children with a rebellious streak that seem to be intent on disagreeing with their parents’ opinions. Occasionally us coaches say things that they have shunned their parents for saying, only to see a child turn around and embrace the information. Although we realize that this can frustrate some parents, wrestling is far more enjoyable for all if parents focus on being supportive and let the coaches do their thing.

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"My son has been working with Sam for the past 8 months, participating in both private sessions and club practices on a weekly basis. As a physical education teacher with coaching experience for over 20 years, I am highly impressed with Sam’s coaching skills as he has certainly exceeded my expectations in the qualities that I look for in a great coach. I notice a tremendous improvement in my son's skill set and skyrocketing self-confidence in his own wrestling skills. My son has developed from a timid young wrestler to a confident athlete that is apparent in all areas of his life, not just on the mat."
"I have been a youth wrestling coach for the past 8 years and also wrestled myself. My son started going to club practice and getting private lessons from some over a year ago. The improvement in my sons wrestling in that time has blown me away. The attention to detail and next level technique sam has exposed him to I believe will take him far in the sport. Most important is the passion and love for the sport Sam translates to my son."
"Without question one of the best technician in the sport! Coach Walters work ethic and dedication has help create passion in my son's life both on and off the mat in the sport of wrestling. He has built a long lasting relationship with deep committee to see my son get better in the sport. The relationship he builds with his wrestlers is a true credit to his character not only as a coach but as a man."
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